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How Much Does It Cost to Get a U.S. Passport in 2024?

When planning for international travel, understanding passport costs is crucial. You might find yourself asking, “How much is a passport?” The answer is not as straightforward as one might hope. It depends on the type of passport, whether it is new or a renewal, and the speed of processing.

Minor Passport Fees

Young adventurers under the age of 16 have a separate set of fees for their passport needs. A standard minor passport book costs $100 and takes about eight weeks to process. If time is short and you need to expedite, the fee increases to $160 with a processing time of 4-6 weeks.

GTN / A minor passport card, which is used for land and sea travel in specific regions, is quite economical at $15. But it can not be expedited. Remember, there is an additional acceptance agent fee of $35 for both options.

For the minor passport book with standard service, expect to pay a total of $135, and for the expedited service, the total reaches $195, inclusive of the acceptance agent fee. If the minor passport card is all you need, the total is a straightforward $50, factoring in the agent fee.

Fees and Processes For Renewing Your Passport

If you are past your first passport and looking to renew, the process is more streamlined. How much does it cost to renew a passport? Adults renewing their passport book will pay $130 for the standard 8-week service and $190 if they need it expedited. For those opting to renew both the passport book and card, the standard fee is $160 and expedited is $220.

When renewing, you can skip the acceptance agent fee. So, the total cost for a passport book renewal is either $130 for the standard or $190 for expedited processing. If you are renewing both the book and card, the costs will be $160 for standard processing and $220 for the expedited option.

Global / Unsplash / The standard processing fee for a new adult passport book is $130.

The Costs Associated With New Adult Passports

For adults applying for a passport for the first time, there are several fees to consider. The standard processing fee for a new adult passport book is $130. If you need it expedited, it increases to $190. The passport card is significantly less at $30. But note that there is no expedited option for the card. Plus, there is a required acceptance agent fee of $35 that is paid separately.

When choosing Standard processing for the new adult passport book, the total fee, including the acceptance agent fee, is $165. If you opt for expedited processing, the total cost is $225. Should you need both the passport book and card, the total fee is $195 for standard processing or $255 for expedited, which includes the acceptance agent fee.

How Much Is a Passport Then?

Levi / Unsplash / For minors, U.S. passport costs range from $50 for a passport card to $195 for an expedited passport book.

Now, to address the frequently asked question, “How much is a passport?” The costs can vary. For new adult applicants, the range is $65 for a passport card to $255 for both the book and card with expedited processing. Renewals have a simpler fee structure, ranging from $130 to $220.

To ensure a smooth preparation for your international journey, it is essential to understand these fees and plan your budget accordingly. Whether you are applying for the first time, renewing, or managing the details for a child, the costs associated with obtaining a U.S. passport in 2024 are an integral part of your travel planning.

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