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How to Nurture Leads for Your Small Business

If only every lead directed to a sale, how easy would our lives be? But each B2B prospective requires special care to morph into a future customer. Having a lead nurturing strategy for your business is, therefore, a rather overlooked yet essential step. It’s like growing a plant, and then one wrong move will make you lose the results you were looking for. Sales funnels to grow your business

Lead Nurturing is the whole process of nudging the potential clients towards the end of the sales funnel to guarantee purchase with assets like marketing.

Gauging information is the first step of lead management so that you know exactly what they are looking for and give priority to the ones who are most likely to engage.

Generating leads is essential, but without mastering the nurture aspect, it won’t help to maximize your acquisition value.

So let’s take a look at the five strategies that will help grow your small business:


Identifying a purchase intent can help you deliver customized nurture content that would encourage the leads to purchase what you have to offer. Prioritizing and maintaining a more personal connection also helps once you segment them according to their potential.

Lead Scoring Tools

Alexander Supertramp/Shutterstock: Leads are always important for the growth of business

These are a godsend. Prioritizing businesses that are more likely to buy is a piece of cake with tools like CRM and other marketing automation platforms.

The more a lead engages with your content, they will have a higher score on the tool. This also means that they are more likely to buy what you have to offer. Once you know where they stand in your sales funnel, sending customized products and pricing information or deals is a great idea.

Targeted Content Tracks

Two individuals could expect completely different things from the same product. So what drives each of them to buy it would differ as well. This is where targeted content generation comes into play.

Personalizing your content when reaching leads compartmentalized from the first step could better help them see your product or service’s value.

Multi-channel Engagement Keep in contact using all available channels

For ages, promotional content has been communicated via e-mail. But with lead generation happening across wider channels like social media, it’s important that nurturing is given a place on these platforms as well. It can be challenging if you’re a single person or a small team, but that’s what automation tools are for. Make sure to use them for your advantage!

Sales Hand-offs

Once the nurture track is complete, it would be beneficial to hand the lead over to a qualified salesperson to close the deal. Scoring tools can be set to notify you when to perform this transition based on their level of interest.

While it isn’t applicable to all businesses, ones with a more complicated process like a car dealership would benefit from this step.

It’s healthy to keep in mind that nurturing is the bridge from acquisitions to sales. Therefore, sharing the target’s interests at the time of the sales hand-off is crucial to bringing the lead to the end of the tunnel. Making your content pop, delight, and entice in a sea of messages will boost sales as well!

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