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Remember When Elon Musk Was No Longer Interested In Buying Twitter?

Elon Musk may have eventually bought Twitter in October 2022 for $44 billion but many of us might have forgotten the twists and turns in the record-breaking deal saga. Initiated by the SpaceX founder in April 2022, it took six months for the private deal to finalize, with Musk almost backing out at one point.

Musk, the man with many accolades, is a famous figure and keeps up with it by keeping himself relevant on the internet in different ways: his celebrity exes or maybe because he currently fathers eight children and doesn’t plan on stopping. Musk has garnered a celebrity status for himself, so you might find a few fans here and there.

The interesting thing about Elon Musk is that he knows how to keep the fans entertained. Earlier in 2022, the multi-billionaire announced that he would be dealing with Twitter executives and would try to strike a deal to buy the platform. In the following days, it was revealed that a deal had reached its final phase; Twitter was being sold to Elon Musk for the hefty price of $44 billion.

LightRocket/Getty Images | News of Musk buying Twitter really stirred up the internet

Elon Musk Backs Out

Now, before you jump onto Twitter and start aiming angry tweets at the 51-year-old, you should know that Musk had a good reason behind his initial reservations. Most of the antics that he pulls sound like there is no thought behind them. However, when it comes to the infamous Twitter deal, his legal team claimed that Twitter was in material breach of multiple provisions and that the company had made misleading and false claims about the condition that their business was in, according to a letter published by SEC.

A Statement From Twitter

However, Twitter representatives did not shy away from issuing a statement! The board chair, Bret Taylor, tweeted that the company was still looking forward to sealing the deal on the price and following the terms that were agreed upon by both parties. The tweet also talked about pursuing legal actions to make sure that the merger takes place. In the end, Taylor tweeted that the company was confident it would prevail in the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Brett Jordan/Pexels | Looks like the Twitter team pulled out an Uno reverse card on Elon Musk.

High Hopes

The SpaceX owner initially finalized the deal with the company in early April of 2022 for the shocking price of $44 billion. In a press release in April, the Tesla CEO stated that free speech is a bedrock of a functioning democracy. He continued to call Twitter the digital town square where crucial matters are discussed – matters that are vital to the future of humanity.

He also shared his plans for transforming the already-loved social media platform and mentioned that he wanted to transform twitter by adding new features, increasing transparency by opening the algorithms, and getting rid of the spam bots while making sure only humans use it.

Michele Tantussi/Reuters | Elon states the platform has great potential, and he looks forward to working with the company to improve it further

We might question Musk’s reservations and accuse him of buyer’s remorse, but since we’re talking about a massive $44 billion deal here, can you really blame him?

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