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Money Saving Tips to Travel Abroad

Saving money for traveling is either considered a challenge or an expensive hobby. Because of this circulating myth, people put off such dreams from the bucket list. But what if we told you that traveling is not only for the rich or those who have won a lucrative hobby; instead, ordinary people can travel too! Any significant investment requires research; hence before reading on, you should figure out how much you actually need to save.

How much will it cost you to go around the world? How much will be spent on food and stay? How much money would be covered on airplane fares? Once you’ve figured out these expenditures, you can then move towards creating a savings plan.

Alexandr Podvalny/ Pexels | We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us

Here’s how you can save money to fulfill your traveling dreams: 

Reduce unnecessary spending 

 If your expenses are high, it is a challenge to save money for the future. You can cut off unnecessary and non-essential spending to solve this issue, including things you can easily live without. To save more money, you can cancel unnecessary subscriptions such as Hulu, Disney+ or Amazon Prime that renew automatically.

You can also commit yourself to eat out once a month and opt for community events that are free or provide low-cost foods and occasions. You should also remove your bank details or log out of your bank account on your phone and laptop to avoid being tempted by online shopping pages. 

Track your spending 

Since most people don’t keep a budget for traveling, the most important thing to do to save money is to know where you are spending it. In an age where you tap an app and a car comes, it’s easy to not think about how much we spend. Create a spreadsheet or use a service like Mint and track all your expenses. You’ll probably be surprised at where your money goes once you start paying attention.

Catarina Sousa/ Pexels | Travel is the only thing that you buy to make yourself richer

Keep a distance from financially irresponsible people 

Watching your friends go out every night to buy expensive electronics, pricey cocktails, and new boots will destroy all your hard-won motivation. So just don’t. But don’t let your dogged determination to save for a vacation make you in to your friend group’s party pooper: you can save for travel, and still let loose every once in a while.

Spend less on food 

A large sum of money is spent every day over your lunch or eating out daily or weekly. Instead, pack your lunch and commit yourself to only eating out once a month. Bringing your lunch will ‌ give you the freedom of variations in your daily food and will be cost-friendly. 

Pixabay/ Pexels | You can always make money, but you can’t always make memories

Diversify your money through investments 

Investments are a classic way to multiply your money with a minute cost upfront. But before balancing your books it is necessary to keep a different account for your expenses; you can do it with either different bank accounts or different credit cards. Your travel savings must include long-term savings such as health care insurance, meals expenses, travel and travel accommodations.

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