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Top-Rated Celebrity Investments that You Need to Follow

In the history of Hollywood, there are lots of artists who fell into bankruptcy, mainly due to their excessive luxury spendings or other careless reasons. However, several stars are smart enough to maintain their astronomical wealth.

Some of them try to save the cash as simple as being a picky person, yet the others take it to the next level, from individual property sales to a capital firm business! Who are these brilliant investors?

We will share some stories about the successful celebs who have raised their wealth bar through investment. We can learn a thing or two from them!

 Ashton Kutcher

Everett Collection/shutterstock: Ashton Kutcher is a smart investor

Albeit his sloppy acts in the movies and sitcoms, Ashton’s investment decision doesn’t reflect any carelessness at all! In fact, he even founded an enterprise to satisfy his urge to buy shares!

A-Grade Investment, a company that he created with his peers in 2010, has successfully closed some prominent deals, snatching stocks from Uber, SoundCloud, and Airbnb in “bargain” prices.

According to Forbes, their stake in Uber was already worth around $50 million in 2016.  Believe us – the value will probably increase more in the future.

 Justin Bieber

Debby Wong/shutterstock: Justine Bieber knows his way around smart spendings

Justin Bieber is a non-excessive spender and aware of the importance of preserving his money regardless of his age. A decent portion of his wealth has been invested in various start-up companies, and it is only a matter of time before he obtains the desirable result.

Justin’s first successful investment ever was Spotify, an online streaming platform. The enterprise’s share increased by 13% during its initial appearance on the stock market!

 Dr. Dre

RoidRanger/shutterstock: Dr. Dre is a business owner thanks to his smart investments

Besides his brilliant career as a musician, Dr. Dre decided to step into the music business. In 2006, he created a brand called Beats, which focused on the development of headphones and other minor accessories.

Thanks to his relentless hard work, Beats is worth billions today, and despite the acquisition of Apple, he still occupies 25% of the total stock!

 Oprah Winfrey

Not everybody knows this, but today, Oprah Winfrey’s wealth has reached billions, and it’s all thanks to her attempt at investing in different companies.

People were shocked when this artist injected a total of $43 million for Weight Watchers, a healthcare enterprise for a weight loss program. But her decision turned out to be beneficial.

Today, the company’s value is still worth way more than before, and her overall stakes amount to more than a hundred million!

Ellen DeGeneres

Different from other celebrities above, Ellen DeGeneres chose the real estate field to invest her money. Together with her wife, she has successfully reaped millions from buying and selling houses alone.

Among others, the Beverly Hills mansion’s deal was probably the most profitable sale she had ever achieved—Ellen attained a staggering $19 million profit after waiting for only three years!

Obviously, these are only among a bunch of celebrities who have gained additional income due to their brilliance in managing money. Do you want to follow their success? Start learning and planning your investment today!

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