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Top Tips and Tricks to Bid Stress Goodbye

pathdoc/Shutterstock: Stress is destroying your health and productivity

Stress is a constant battle for everyone. It can stem from something as minor as a traffic jam to something major like a significant technical issue at work. Regardless of why it happens, its manifestations are the same. It has a holistic effect on people that alters both physical and psycho-social elements.

Not everyone has the luxury of retail therapy or hiring professional help, so we listed down the best ways to manage stress without spending a single dime.

Breathing Exercises Works Wonders

The simplest way to relax is to do deep breathing. Even a woman in laboruses this method to deliver a baby, so be assured this age-old practice works like a charm. Close your eyes and take a long, deep breath.

With each exhale, imagine all the negative energy leaving the body. Do this several times until you feel much better!

Indulge in a Long Shower

stockfour/Shutterstock: Give yourself a break with a long shower

Most people tend to do a five-minute shower due to their busy schedules. But having a long bath can actually be an avenue where one can unwind and meditate. Setting the mood of one’s surroundings, like lighting up scented candles, playing a relaxing song, or lathering up on a favorite body wash, makes a huge difference. Creating small rituals makes it a mindful experience!

Move That Body!

Want to feel happy in a snap? Squeeze in a quick workout before starting a workday to release endorphins. This ‘happy hormone’ gives an immediate energy boost, and your body will be grateful for the benefits too!

Begin with simple routines like jumping jacks or beginner’s yoga and observe how you feel after. For something less strenuous, a walk outside would also help ease the mind.

Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Remembering happy moments will spark joy to anyone. Some people keep pictures of their loved ones in their office desks for this sole purpose. When stress gets the best of us, we turn to these objects to console ourselves in an instant. Grab an item that holds a special memory (it can be anything) and think of happy thoughts only.

Do Something Enjoyable

G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock: Take your mind off of the stress

Planning for a fun activity will give an escape from the daily stressors. Start preparations for that dream vacation that’s long overdue or learn a skill that has been put off for a while. Write as many details as possible! A sense of excitement will emerge once there is something positive to look forward to.

Whether you follow this list to the heart or not, always make sure to give it time. Don’t downplay nor disregard the stress right now, no matter the magnitude. Self-love is still the most important thing above all else!


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