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This is How You Can Avoid News Burnout

There is simply no way around the news, especially with everything that’s happening around us. Even though you have to stay informed, it’s natural to feel low after watching the headlines. So, how to stay on top of current events and still take care of yourself?

The answer is simple—shut it off as often as you can. Novelist and activist, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, follows the same principle. While commenting on the story of families separated at the US border, she said that it was too difficult for her to watch the videos, and she simply had to switch off. There’s just so much you can take.

fizkes/shutterstock: Too much news could be bad for mental and physical health

During the burning tire-fire of the news cycle, it is crucial to take a moment to step out of the smoke. Considering the pace and how it’s always asking for attention, you need to learn when to switch off. News stories tend to occupy a lot of mental space, and before you know it, you will burnout.

It’s better to keep track of the more significant issues that shape the stories we read. For example, take the story of Doug Ford enforcing a reduction in the size of Toronto’s city council as well as canceling the regional chair elections.

You don’t have to keep track of the daily turns of this story but rather, be aware of the larger picture and its context.

Gts/shutterstock: Don’t stress yourself out with too much breaking news

To develop a healthy relationship with the news, you need to learn to differentiate between stories that reveal problems and those that add to the already loud noise.

Social media tends to ‘flatten’ important news. Facebook feed, for example, showcases both significant and frivolous events at the same time, and that affects your ability to decide which stories to follow. Everything either feels equally important or unimportant.

To step outside the noise, be proactive about consuming news. Don’t count on social media to filter what’s important, because it won’t. Identify a couple of reporters you trust and actively look for stories by them. Keep moderation in the amount of news you consume

It’s much more controlled that way, and you won’t miss out on anything vital. You can also choose podcasts or newsletters that are appealing.

The point is, don’t let algorithms and push alerts pick the news for you. That will only lead to a never-ending bunch of stories that will leave you feeling overwhelmed. Lastly, take a break whenever needed. You can’t ignore the news, but can learn how to consume it in better ways to avoid burnout!

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