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Is Your Child the Next Warren Buffet?

Every parent believes their child is special, which is why there’s often this unspoken competition between families from all walks of life.

Believe it or not, you can already tell whether your son or daughter is destined to be someone big in the future. And these can come from the simple, everyday actions that we tend to overlook. Take multi-billionaire Warren Buffet, for example. His interest in finance and entrepreneurship began at a very young age.

Check out the list below and see if your little one is a CEO-in-the-making!

She Put Up Her Own Lemonade Stand Business 

Nadia Leskovskaya/shutterstock: A smart kid knows her way around business at a young age

Would you believe Buffet became a small businessman at the age of 5? The Omaha native sold ‘Chiclets’ gum to neighboring kids. At 6, he was already making a modest profit by selling ‘Coca-Cola’ bottles as a six-pack or by the bottle.

Buffet also had an excellent business plan in mind at a young age as he already considered the importance of foot traffic when he decided to open a lemonade stand.

He Wants to Be A Wealthy Kid Rather Than Be A ‘Wimpy Kid’

Nattapol_Sritongcom/shutterstock: Kids interested in money rather than tantrums are successful adults

If you catch your child reading the finance section of the newspaper, then chances are, he will be going down Buffet’s path.

Buffet’s eyes were opened to the wonders of financial success when he read a book titled One Thousand Ways to Make $1000. The book made such a massive impact in his life, and it fueled his drive to succeed in life.

She Enjoys Snacking on Junk Food

Sharomka/shutterstock: Junk food eaters have a high change of success

It’s hard to believe that a rich man like Warren prefers having McDonald’s over a gourmet meal. The businessman believes that kids eat junk food all the time, yet they’re perfectly fine, so he might as well eat them too!

He Loves His Hobbies

Little boys love playing with toy cars or trucks, but only a few keep this interest growing up. Having a hobby is crucial in developing a child’s focus.

Unlike kids his age, Buffet was already into the stock market and real estate even before he turned 15.

He Has a Penchant for Numbers

Warren considered Math as a fun subject in school. Growing up, he also enjoyed memorizing fun facts about statistics. The unusual interest in numbers helped shaped his influence over the stock market.

She Thinks Rejection Is No Big Deal

The world famous investor had a string of small businesses when he was just eighteen, but he made sure to get formal education despite his entrepreneurial success.

After getting his bachelor’s degree, he applied at Harvard, where he, unfortunately, got rejected. But he continued to pursue until he got accepted by Columbia School of Business.

She Knows Failure Is Normal 

Warren had his fair share of failure in life, especially when he was starting out. From selling stamps to cleaning cars, it seems he has done it all! But he never let his defeat get the best of him.

His Self-Discipline Is Remarkable

The billionaire was earning a regular income by the time he was 13, but he always kept his eyes on the prize. He said he became extra cautious in making financial decisions after losing to a hefty horse racing bet.

He Listens to Advice

The acclaimed entrepreneur would not be as rich today had he not listened to his father’s advice. And sure enough, Buffet’s time in Columbia helped him become a wiser investor after learning from his influential professors.

He’s No ‘One-Day Millionaire’

Living a simple life has been Buffet’s secret to retaining his wealth. He doesn’t care for luxurious items, finding them a waste of time and money.

Not all kids know the real value of hard work and money, so as parents, it’s important to instill these lessons as early as possible.

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