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Kobe Bryant: A Hero On and Off the Court

The demise of Kobe Bryant was a tragic loss for the sports industry, but what made the news even more heartbreaking was the fact that he was with his daughter when it happened. Everyone, including non-sports fans, mourned for the father who lost his life while protecting his daughter.

As one of the top athletes in the world, he was famous for record-breaking shooting statistics. Kobe was on top of his game, leading the Los Angeles Lakers to become the five-time NBA champions.

smoxx/Shutterstock: A smiling Kobe Bryant with his daughter

Being the ‘Black Mamba’ may seem the most important role he ever played in his life. But for Kobe, no position was more dear to him than being a father.

Since becoming a dad to four lovely daughters, Kobe’s life was no longer his own. He was so full of love that he even passed his passion for shooting hoops to his daughter, Gianna, whom he fondly called Mambacita.

Sadly, both the Mamba and Mambacita would leave us all in an unfortunate helicopter accident while they were on their way to enjoy something they both loved—basketball.

A helicopter accident may sound like a cliché to someone as famous as Bryant, but he only took this mode of transportation to balance the challenges of fatherhood and basketball life.

Tinseltown/Shutterstock: Kobe, Vanessa, Natalia, and Gianna Bryant

Bryant took pride in being a hands-on parent despite his busy schedule, so taking helicopter rides around LA would be the most convenient way to save time and beat traffic. It proved to be quite effective, mainly since the Bryant family lived in Huntington Coast.

Typically, it would take around an hour of commute by car, but LA traffic is too much to bear even on weekends. The basketball star didn’t want to be an absentee parent, so he determined helicopters were his best choice.

Tinseltown/Shutterstock: A family that was close

During his free time, Kobe made sure to spend it with his kids as much as possible. He carted them around in carpool and took them on road trips. The basketball legend was still present in some NBA games despite his retirement, but he shared he wanted to relish his ‘regular dad’ status for a while.

We’ll never know what transpired during Kobe’s final flight with his daughter Gianna. But we can be sure he was doing what any father would do in that terrifying situation—comforting his scared little girl.

It was the noblest thing he could ever do as a father, which is why Kobe Bryant will not only be remembered for his exemplary basketball skills but as an inspiration for all dads out there.

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