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Life Lessons This Woman Learned from Her Puerto Rican Dad

Sophia Melissa Caraballo lived in Puerto Rico with her parents when she was a little girl. According to her, the earliest memories she had of her father are of them spending time together in his office while her mother worked in a building next door.

Her father was the boss, so they would always leave the office early. He would then take her to the Bahía de San Juan, where they’d watch cruise ships and boats go by with a piragua (shaved ice) in their hands.

Two years after that, he retired and became a stay-at-home dad. Still, he would always pick Sophia up from school, give her something to eat, and help her with Math homework. Sophia says that this was when she learned the most valuable life lessons from her father.


panitanphoto/Shutterstock: A father’s lessons about punctuality

The Latins are not known for their punctuality, but because Sophia saw her dad always waiting at the school parking lot, she learned the importance of being on time. On days, when he couldn’t get there on time, he would always send her text updates.

Be a Good Human Being

WAYHOME studio/Shutterstock: Always teach kids to be kind and compassionate

Even though her father had a rough childhood, he chose not to succumb to his circumstances, but learn from it. He is one of the most loving people Sophia knows, who doesn’t think twice about lending a helping hand to anyone who needs it.

Of course, some people have taken advantage of this behavior. Still, her father continues to be compassionate and expects nothing in return. Because of this, Sophia tends to trust other people and doesn’t expect the worst. You can’t be too guarded, or else you could miss out on some amazing friendships, she notes.

Be Self-Sufficient

Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock: Teach your kids the importance of self-reliance

Sophia’s dad also taught her that if there’s anything she can do herself, she should go ahead and do it, instead of waiting for help.

She learned driving when she was just 14 and knows what to do when her car doesn’t start, thanks to him! Her first cookbook was a gift from her father. He educated her on how to manage finances and even taught her to balance a checkbook. Most of all, Sophia says she learned to trust her own instincts and decisions.

Sophia is the best version of herself because of her father. Our parents teach us the most valuable life lessons, whether we realize it or not. It is up to us to use them wisely as we go through our lives.

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